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Hot Forming Machine for Brake Pad,xtube com

longest porn Machinery is a leading manufacturer of custom hot forming machines,porngirls , automation systems, has developed a 300-ton hydraulic press used to hot form and solidify brake pads.

sex vodis,The machine ‘s capable of temperature up to 2372°F(300℃), by using electric cartridge heaters, provides even temperature distribution throughout the forming process, the machine generates even pressure, stable speed when pressing on the parts, all these make the parts get pressure more stably and heat more even, more complete solidification.

adultwork,Utilizing 3 zones of heat control in each platen, operators can maintain a constant platen temperature to within +/-41°F throughout the cycle. Additionally, automatic insulated door systems increase heat efficiency and maintain the desired temperature set points while facilitating easy part and tool loading.


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Model No. longest porn-P06 PRO Heated Platen Press 300 Ton
Driven Type Servo motor + Servo controller
Description Hot Forming Machine
Structure 4-Post, top-mounted hydraulic system
Hydraulic System Pressure 25 Mpa
Pressure Output 3000 KN
Input Power AC460VAC, 3 Phase, 60 HZ
Standard Stroke 279.4 mm (11 INCH)
Daylight Between Sliding & Bottom Bolster 482.6 mm (19 INCH)
Daylight Between Heated Platens 330.2 mm (13 INCH)
Heated Platen Sizes 1016 mm (Left-Right) * 1016 mm (Front-Rear) (40 * 40 INCH)
Height of Bed Above Floor 914.4 mm (36 INCH)
Fast Forward Speed 15 mm/s (6 INCH/sec)
Slow Pressing Speed 2.5 mm/s (1 INCH/sec)
Return Speed 17.5 mm/s (7 INCH/sec)
Press Parallelism ±0.025 mm (0.001 INCH)
Heated Platen Parallelism ±0.025 mm (0.001 INCH)
Heating Method Electrical heating
Platen Temperature Controller Omron temperature control system
Heating Temperature Maximum 300℃, adjustable
Number of Cartridge Heater 14 heaters on upper heating platen, 14 heaters on lower heating platen
Time to Heat Up to 300 ℃ About 45 minutes
Heat Insulation Platens Yes

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